Pipe 15х5м

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Pipe 15х5м

We sell cracking pipes of steel 15Kh5M from stock and for customized order.

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- Can make the size you need.
Pipe 152х8 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
0,830 Get the price
Pipe 219х16 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
3,069 Get the price
Pipe 219х20 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
0,557 Get the price
Pipe 273х10 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
6.01 Get the price
Pipe 273х12 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
7.00 Get the price
Pipe 325х10 Steel 15Kh5M TU 14-3R-62-2002
2.58 Get the price
Pipe 325х12 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
4.20 Get the price
Pipe 377х10 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
5,230 Get the price
Pipe 377х12 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
5,847 Get the price
Pipe 426х10 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
5,204 Get the price
Pipe 429х9 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
9.00 Get the price
Pipe 429х10 Steel 15Kh5M TU 14-3R-62-2002
8.70 Get the price
Pipe 429х12 Steel 15Kh5M TU 14-3R-62-2002
4.90 Get the price
Pipe 429х14 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
5.00 Get the price
Pipe 530х10 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
6.00 Get the price
Pipe 530х12 Steel 15Kh5M TU 14-3R-62-2002
7.01 Get the price
Pipe 550х25 Steel 15Kh5M GOST 550-75
8.00 Get the price

Our advantages

LLC "Texnomet" Group – You get the reliability and responsible approach to delivery of rolled steel.

Since 2003, we are trusted by such leaders of pipe rolling industry as "CHTPZ", "PNTZ", "Mannesmann", "Baosteel", "Z-Group Steel Holding a. s." and others. We are known for stability, frequency of supply and high quality of our work.

We thoroughly inspect every pipe entering our stock. We check its quality and compliance with regulations so that you can be sure of its best properties. If you need any additional confirmation, we can offer to carry out required tests at the factory.

Your benefits

Pipes in stock
Shipment from stock will reduce the production time.
We undertake the delivery. We will issue, ship and deliver to you.
Cut to needed size
Don't take too much. But take as much as you need.
Delay of payment
By agreement, we provide a delay of payment up to 3 months.

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